Type Rating

Type Rating

As a pilot and holder of a Commercial licence (ATPL Frozen, or Full), you may fly all of the Commercial Aircrafts present on the Aviation Market; however for a certain aircraft (approved under EASA Regulation 748/2012) you need additional training.

A Type Rating is what you need; (use the EASA references for better understanding) Statistically the most popular commercial jet planes are A320 family and B737/series. During the last few years the use of the Airbus 320 and Boeing 737/series has been growing in many countries, especially in Asia, requiring more rated pilots. For insurance reasons, also, most of the Airliners require a minimum flight experience (usually not less than 400 flight hours). For PAW, choosing the correct Type Rating is essential, and is the reason why we believe that choosing the Airbus 320 family or Boeing 737/series will offer the unexperienced pilot the best chance to be hired in the available worldwide market. There are many ATOs where it is possible to perform the type rating, and it is vital to choose the most appropriate one. PAW has developed a program for our Type Ratings which is willing to help the pilot to better understand the machine, helping him/her in one of the most demanding missions in a pilot’s career. Feel free to call us and we will be happy to give you more details.

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